Wednesday December 1st 2021

***until mid june the weekly forecast will be truncated and will only focus on the major aspects. when i return from traveling i will resume writing the regular in-depth weekly astrology forecast. enjoy!***

5/28- the sun sextiles uranus, bringing new life and new energy into our conscious self experience. this is a great aspect for letting go of ties that bind and finding a new part of our path/journey that lies ahead. visions, ideas, community connections and radical change can set us on a whole new part of our path! stay open to the unexpected :)

mercury squares chiron, bringing opportunities for deep communications about old wounds and pain that ultimately can be very healing if we are willing to move through the intensity. we need to be aware of mercury in gemini’s tendency to want to stay Light and superficial- as chiron in pisces demands that we dive deep into the Unconscious and acknowledge the joy AND the pain that lies there in order to become more conscious.

5/29- there are no major aspects today

5/30- the sun squares chiron, bringing old wound and pain face to face with our ego selves. our conscious self wants things to be Light and carefree, but chiron asks that we look at the deeper parts of our psyche that need acknowledgement in order to be released and healed. intensity is a means for transformation- move through it, don’t run away!

mercury squares mars, bringing a dynamic, firey and perhaps fiesty energy into communication right now. positively we can speak our Truth and be direct with people in our lives, but on the shadow side conflict, arguments and even violent communication can be had today. finding ways to assert ourselves and state our boundaries without dominating or controlling others is key! discernment versus judgement is a fine line…

5/31- there are no major aspects today

6/1- mercury cojoins retrograde venus in gemini, aligning the mind and the heart in reflective and introspective ways. insight into our deepest feelings, needs and desires and communicating them to those we Love is supported today.

6/2- there are no major aspects today.

6/3- mercury trines retrograde saturn, helping us to be grounded, serious, focused and practical in our thinking and communication with others. maturity and integrity pays off right now- and thinking long term is recommended.

enjoy your week…


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