Saturday January 16th 2021

***all times are PDT***

monday april 2nd-

the day starts off with retrograde saturn in libra opposite ceres in aries at 11:20am, bringing us face to face with the reality, karma and/or restriction involved in our nurturing and caretaking relationships.  connections with our mother, children and/or partners we mother or get mothered by are highlighted today.  the tendency to focus on our relationships and thinking of other’s needs needs to be balanced with taking care of ourselves and our individual journeys.  wherever we tend to err to far in one extreme- the other is up for balancing today.  a heavy and perhaps even depressing energy can be present today particularly if the reality we have to accept is not as beautiful or ideal as we wish it was.  but ultimately saturn helps us get clear, take mature action and get into alignment.  any relationships that are out of alignment can feel particularly heavy today.

the only other aspect involves the sun in aries semisexile to jupiter in taurus at 8:34pm.  the midday energies are heavy due to saturn, but the evening energies lighten up with jupiter’s expansive and abundant take on life!  this is a great aspect for doing something fun, going out and finding the silver lining in any clouds present in our lives right now.  


tuesday april 3rd-

the only celestial occurrence today happens at 8:18am when venus moves out of taurus and into gemini, shifting the Goddess of Love and beauty from earth to air, body to mind, and stability to movement.  venus in gemini needs social connection, change, exploration, and space.  she also needs intellectual stimulation and Lightness of being.  venus will actually have an extended stay in gemini due to her upcoming retrograde station (she stations retrograde on 5/15 and goes direct again on 6/27).  when venus goes retrograde relationships, values, self-worth and connection to our own feminine energy is up for review and revision.  past relationships can come back into the mix- for final endings or perhaps another go-around.  getting clear on what we want and need in partnership is definitely a focus.  good relationships can go deeper, bad ones (or ones not in alignment) can find themselves getting more out of balance and perhaps even falling apart.  for more info on venus retrograde read the yearly astrology forecast as well as the upcoming astrology blog that will be posted by monday.


wednesday april 4th-

mercury stations direct at 3:11am at 23’50 pisces- shifting the conscious mind and intellect forward/outward after his 3 week retrograde that began on 3/12.  with mercury direct the things we have been rethinking, revisioning and reworking on the inner levels will start to shift outward, become clearer- and the time for action and initiation will be nigh!  when mercury stations he is at his most potent- so pay special attention to things hear and said through others, something you read or even your dreams.  important messages can be coming through that you don’t want to miss!  also- when mercury is stationary all things mercury related are at their most intense, so make space for snafus involving technology, travel, communication and commerce.  


thursday april 5th-

the only aspect today occurs at 6:49pm when venus, newly in gemini, squares neptune in pisces, creating tension and friction between the goddess of Love and the god of illusion.  in romance and creativity this aspect can be inspiring and idealizing- but it can also be confusing, deluding and outright deceptive.  since this is the first aspect venus makes in her new home sign of gemini, where she will be staying for an extended time due to her upcoming retrograde, this aspect gives us insight into what the upcoming venus in gemini transit will be like.  positively spirituality, compassion and Love abound!  but on the shadow side we need to be wary of illusion, deception (of self or other) and the tendency to idealize someone/something that later on will be seen to be not as perfect as we first thought.  


friday april 6th-

the first aspect of the day occurs at 7:28am when the sun in aries contraparallels retrograde juno in sagittarius, creating an oppositional energy between the ego’s needs for individuality and independence and our needs/another’s needs in partnership or relationship.  positively we can get clearer in relationships if we put our needs on the table for all to see.  on the shadow side, it can feel like we can either go solo and do what we need to do OR we can be in partnership and focus on the goals of the partnership.  the only way to find a win/win is to be honest and open.  today is a great day to put all your cards on the table!

then at 8:45am the sun in aries semisquares neptune in pisces.  the ego tensely aspects the planet of ego dissolution- making for some nebulous/confusing energies today.  positively this can be experienced as very spiritual, creative and romantic- but it can also be confusing, illusory and even deceptive.  with venus square neptune yesterday we have to be especially clear about being honest and open and not hiding anything from others that would later be perceived as deceptive or dishonest.  stay authentic and transparent and you will be in the clear!

the last celestial occurrence of the day happens at 12:19pm when the full moon in libra occurs.  the pitting of the aries sun opposite the libra moon can bring issues to a head in relationships, particularly in regards to the balance of masculine and feminine energies, assertiveness and surrender, taking action and receptivity, giving and receiving.  this full moon is in the same sign as saturn- bringing to Light lessons we are learning in balancing our energies within and in partnership.  the uranus/pluto square is not within orb of this lunation but the energies of it definitely are present.  changes, transformation and death that precedes rebirth (symbolically speaking) are a necessity right now.  pay attention to what is up for you as it can show you the areas of life that need to shift- sooner than later.  for a more in-depth analysis of this full moon check the lunar insight posted a few days prior to the full moon.


saturday april 7th-

the only aspect today occurs at 4:36pm when venus in gemini squares retrograde mars in virgo, creating tension and friction between the Divine Lovers.  this can be passionate, creative and romantic OR it can be conflictual, argumentative and destructive.  both venus and mars are in mercury rules signs- so the mind can either exacerbate issues or it can be the mediating planet that helps us to find words for our feelings/passions in a way that helps us bridge differences in our most important relationships.  either way expect fireworks today (the good kind or the not-so-good kind!).


sunday april 8th-

at 1:07am the sun in aries sesquiquadrates retrograde mars in virgo, creating tension and friction between the two aspects of the masculine.  mars currently rules the sun, so there is harmony between the two energetically but the tense aspect can create issues between ego and will.  the men in our lives or our masculine side can be very assertive, aggressive and impulsive today- so be aware.  if we can find healthy outlets for our energy and anger we would be much better off in our interpersonal relationships- so go run up a hill or go for a long hike ;)  this aspect occurs in the early morning hours- so pay attention to your dreams upon waking!

the last aspect of the day occurs at 8:55pm when the sun in aries contraparallels retrograde saturn in libra, energetically opposing the ego with the lord of karma.  the sun will oppose saturn by degree on 4/15 and today he does so by declination- so for the next week we are in a super opposition aspect between these two.  reality, karma, limitation and responsibility are the themes right now.  dealing with imbalances in relationships- where we are giving too much and receiving too little (or vice versa) can be up big time right now.  ultimately this aspect is about balancing the masculine and feminine energies within- and wherever there is imbalance within we will experience it without.  a sense of limitation, restriction, contraction and perhaps even depression can arise today and over the next week.  we are being asked to get real about what is going on in our lives, get clear on what needs to change- and then get to it!  mars goes direct next week (4/13) and once he does the energy will start flowing freely again.  use the next week to get clear on where the changes need to be made and get ready to do it!  

enjoy your week…

~divine harmony

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