Thursday June 20th 2019

weekly astrology forecast- 2/4-2/10

***all times are PST***

monday february 4th-
the sun in aquarius semisextiles saturn in capricorn at 3:09am, aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet of mastery and hard work. sun/saturn is a great time to get focused, responsible, in integrity and willing to do the work! we had the sun link with neptune yesterday and the sun with saturn today- triggering the saturn/neptune sextile. this transit is helping us get real and do the work to make our dreams into reality. but there is a necessary process of taking off the rose colored glasses first so we are seeing ourselves, others and the world around us clearly. sun/saturn is a great time to get focused and use mastery and integrity when implementing change and embracing evolution! this is an aspect that shows up in the new moon chart so it governs the entire lunar cycle to come! tune into what change and expansion you are wanting to call in and then get to work on building solid foundations upon which that change and expansion can build!

the new moon at 15’45 aquarius is exact at 1:03pm PST. this is lunar imbolc and we have solar imbolc tomorrow- making for a VERY TIGHT window for this high holy day! imbolc is a time of quickening. the seeds planted or intentions set at winter solstice (the solar variation of new year’s day) are going to start to show themselves. just like literal seeds planted- we will now start to see the first sprouts breaking through the ground! this is a time to tend with care that which we desire to reap in the coming year. i will be releasing the LUNAR GATE call for this new moon as well as the SOLAR GATE call for imbolc between 1/31 and 2/1. they go hand in hand as the lunar gate call is full of moon wisdom and the solar gate call is full of solar wisdom- and the Sacred Marriage between sun and moon at this potent time of beginnings is powerful. this new moon is amazingly lovely. new moon conjunct mercury and black moon lilith, sextile jupiter, tightly semisextile saturn and neptune. this is a great time for being visionary, outside of the box and open! it’s a time to open the mind and see new perspectives! more insight will be shared about this new moon in the lunar gate call and lunar insight- both posted a couple days before the lunation is exact. i also post lunar horoscopes on the day of the new moon and if you are a stellar supporter member or higher you can access them. if you want to upgrade your membership you can do so here-

at 4:44pm mercury cojoins mean black moon lilith at 20’14 aquarius, linking the mind and intellect with the fierce Dark Feminine! with both in visionary, truth telling aquarius we have a lot of potent energy to channel into communications and thinking. this is a time to speak the Truth, see the Truth, own the Truth and live the Truth! lilith is a warrior for Truth when in aquarius and first and foremost we want to shine the Light of Truth within. each of us have areas in our lives where we don’t see clearly and where we are more committed to being in denial or avoiding facing home truths about ourselves. true courage comes when we can look in the mirror and see ALL of ourselves! first do this with yourself and then you will be empowered to speak the Truth to others.

tuesday february 5th-
mercury in aquarius semisextiles pluto in capricorn at 1:24pm, linking the conscious mind and intellect with the Lord of the Underworld. this week mercury is triggering the capricorn confluence as well as the aries planets uranus and eris. this is an important week to pay attention to what we hear, think, say and receive as information. visionary, outside of the box insights are incoming. some may be a bit upsetting or unexpected but if we can stay open and receive the Truth that underlies them they could be revolutionary and evolutionary! stay open!

wednesday february 6th-
at 6:27am mercury in aquarius sextiles eris aries, aligning the mind and intellect with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. mercury/eris is great for speaking Truth, opening the mind and embruing the need for change! eris is an activist and female warrior Goddess. her link with mercury in rebellious and revolutionary aquarius amplifies the need to see the Truth, speak the Truth, hear the Truth and live the Truth! this a great time align with Higher Wisdom and see clearly- both within and without.

thursday february 7th-
***from today through saturday there are several planets/asteroids at the karmic 29th degree! we have uranus at 29 aries, chiron at 29 pisces, mercury at 29 aquarius, pallas at 29 libra and juno at 29 taurus over the next few days- with all of them aspecting each other. there is some BIG ENERGY present in the next few days for completion and bringing things to a close- but remember that anything unresolved will be brought up BIG TIME when the 29th degree is activated. so all the unresolved karma or energies not faced/integrated/dealt with can be over the next few days. navigate the terrain wisely.

at 1:23pm mars in aries squares squares the mean nodes of the moon, bringing us to a pivotal point of choice. will we keep on doing the same old same karmic south node tendencies- or will we grow into new, uncharted directions. mars forms a T square with the nodes- and we can feel equal pressure from the past and the future in this now moment. mars finishes triggering the capricorn confluence he began triggering on 1/21- but he is not quite done yet as he now makes his way to uranus at the karmic 29th degree- exact on 2/12. this is a time to use the personal, egoic will in service to something Higher. cancer north node requires growth through the feminine, emotional intimacy, compassion and heart centeredness. we are needing to be done with toxic ways of patriarchal living- as we all have this within us in some way shape or form. pay attention to where you have a choice right now and be aware that the actions you take to move into certain directions have far reaching effects!

at 3:40pm mercury in aquarius quincunxes the north node, creating tension between the mind and intellect our path of evolution and growth. the north node in watery, emotional cancer demands emotional intimacy and integration. this is a time to feel our feelings and honor our emotions. mercury in aquarius likes to analyze emotions and feelings but not necessarily feel them. aquarius has a tendency to want to go up and out rather than down and in- partiuclarly when emotions get sticky. this is a time to check in and see where we are choosing bypass or denial and go IN rather than check out.

the sun in aquarius sextiles jupiter in sagittarius at 4:32pm, linking the conscious self and ego with the planet of expansion and abundance! sun/jupiter is a time to believe in ourselves, have fun, go for it and take risks! aquarius and sagittarius are two of the most independent signs (the other top ones would be aries and gemini)- so this is a time to give ourselves and others the space to be free, to grow, expand and fly!

uranus at 29 aries opposes pallas at 29 libra at 4:43pm, bringing radical and revolutionary energy into relationships, politics and more. uranus’ opposition from the karmic 29th degree can bring shocks, unexpected information/insights and perhaps even chaos. what we have been sweeping under the carpet can come up out in relationships and situations of all kinds. keeping the mind open and being willing to embrace change and evolution even and especially when comfort, security and safety is preferred is key!

mercury in aquarius sextiles mars in aries at 5:24pm, linking the mind and intellect with the will, warrior and drive. mercury/mars is a great time to speak up, express the self, tell it like it is and put the cards on the table. of course with mars in the midst of trigger the capricorn confluence and eris and uranus- there’s A LOT OF FIRE up right now and we want to wield it wisely. so yes speak your Truth- but make sure you think before you speak and act. impulsivity and hastefulness can cost you.

friday february 8th-
uranus at 29 aries semisextiles juno at 29 taurus at 2:21am, linking the rebel and revolutionary with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. both uranus and chiron link with juno helping us to evolve, grow and heal in relationships- marriage, partnership, business/financial relationships and more. uranus is helping us to see where we need to grow and change and what holds us back from doing so. balancing security and stability with change and radical shift is key.

saturday february 9th-
at 12:09pm the sun cojoins mean black moon lilith at 20’46 aquarius, linking the conscious self and ego with the fierce Dark Feminine! monday’s new moon was conjunct BML and this week we have both mercury and the sun (monday through today) linking with lilith- illuminating the Truth and showing what needs to change! sun/lilith in aquarius is the fierce revolutionary who sees the shadow, speaks the Truth and lets the chips fall where they may. usually we need to be aware of HOW we do this (it needs to come from the heart) but the astrology this week has been very supportive of finding a way to say/see what needs to be said or seen- and do it with Love. our commitment to the Truth needs to be greater than our commitment to safety and security right now.

chiron at 29 pisces sextiles juno at 29 taurus at 2:40pm, linking the Wounded Healer with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. healing in partnerships, relationships and connections is supported right now- and of course first and foremost focusing this on healing the Inner Partnership with the Self is key. chiron is showing us what blocks us from true intimacy and connection- within and without. it is up to us to own what we see, do deep work on it and clear out the past so we can move forward and onward in life!

at 2:53pm mercury in aquarius sextiles uranus in aries, aligning the mind and intellect with the planet of Higher Mind and Higher Wisdom. this is a GREAT day for thinking outside of the box and accessing vision and inspiration. mercury is in uranus’ sign and the link to uranus helps open our minds even wider. thinking differently and see how not only your worldview but your lived experiences radically changes for the better!

mercury at 29 aquarius semisextiles chiron at 29 pisces at 9:20pm, making for a deep time of healing communication with ourselves and others. mercury in aquarius is visionary and outside of the box- while chiron is shining a Light on old wounds and pain that block our awareness and capacity to see clearly. this is a time to be wiling to take off the rose colored glasses of illusion/delusion/denial and see/speak/reflect clearly.

sunday february 10th-
mercury moves out of aquarius and into pisces at 2:50am, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from air to water, yang to yin, intellect to emotion. mercury in pisces is dreamy, intuitive, imaginative and idealistic. we can be extra mystical and psychic right now. we are heading into our first mercury retrograde of 2019- and this one will be in the last 1/2 of pisces (front end shadow begins 2/19). so pay attention to what is arising for you- intuitively, spiritually, mystically- but also in terms of facing illusion and facing denial and seeing where you are spiritual bypassing. more on this will be explained in the coming month as mercury makes aspects and heads into his Underworld journey.

at 3:36pm the sun in aquarius semisextiles pluto in capricorn, linking the conscious self and ego with the Lord of the Underworld. sun/pluto is a time to go deep and to be willing to break through facades and old paradigms to get to the Truth. all week long the aquarius planets (sun and mercury) have been linking with the capricorn confluence- helping us to gain insight into what blocks us and what we need to do to set ourselves free and embrace/embody change. pay attention!

mercury in pisces semisquares saturn in capricorn at 4:26pm, creating tension between the mind and intellect that is dreamy, intuitive but also easy to believe in illusion and the planet of reality checks that demands we take off the rose colored glasses and face the Truth. mercury/saturn is great for having get-real conversations with ourselves and others- but what we hear, say or realize may be a bit hard to swallow. this is a good time to check in when we think it’s our intuition but it could be run by fear or fantasy. also checking in on where we are being overly rigid and logical to the point of excluding our dreams and intuition is key. seek balance in all things!

juno moves out of taurus and into gemini at 8:21pm, shifting the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage from earth to air, body to mind, stability to movement. juno in gemini values communication, freedom and fun in partnership. this is a great time to commit to our own learning and growth and to keep an open mind in all relationships. just watch out for the shadow of juno in gemini- being non-committal as a means to avoid deeper intimacy and a refusal to grow up and be the puer/puella eternus (eternal child) forever!

have a blessed week!

~divine harmony

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