Tuesday April 13th 2021

weekly astrology forecast- 11/21-11/27

***all times are PST***

monday november 21st-
the first aspect of the week and only aspect today occurs at 11:09pm when venus in sagittarius semisquares juno in scorpio- creating tension between the goddess of Love and beauty and the asteroid goddess of marriage and commitment.  with these two clashing there can be stark contrasts between our needs and our wants when it comes to our relationships with others.  venus in sagittarius values space, freedom, independence, fun and excitement!  yet juno in scorpio values passion, intensity, transformation and deep Union.  these needs and wants can seem very different and whatever part of ourselves (or whichever person in relationship) is being disregarded can come into focus today.

tuesday november 22nd-
the first aspect of the day occurs at 12:19am when venus in sagittarius sextiles saturn in libra, creating harmony between the goddess of Love and beauty the planet of discipline, commitment and reality.  this aspect supports grounding and commitment in relationships right now as well as getting realistic and practical when it comes to finances.  there is a need to find a balance between self and other, give and take, debit and credit- and venus/saturn can help us work towards that balance today!

the only other aspect today occurs at 8:08am when the sun moves out of scorpio and into sagittarius- shifting our conscious self and ego identity from the depths to the heights, the shadows to the Light and Soul to Spirit.  the next month as the sun transits sagittarius we can expect to focus on the positive side of things!  spiritual, philosophical and religious themes are a focus- as is travel, higher education and broadening our perspectives and vision of the world.

wednesday november 23rd-
the first aspect of the day occurs at 1:13am when the sun, newly in sagittarius, squares chiron in pisces- creating tension and friction between the conscious self and ego and the wounded healer.  deep wounds, pain, feelings of low self-worth and rejection can arise today.  what comes up has ties to the past but it can be easier to see what is triggering it in the present.  we are being given an opportunity to look at our stuff and heal the past- but it will take initiative on our part.   this is the first aspect the sun makes while transiting the sign of sagittarius- so this aspect gives us insight into the next month and the themes that are likely to come up.  with both bodies in signs that govern spirituality we can find that old wounds around faith, trust, believe and idealsim can come up.  there is a need to see not only the Light and the good in situations/others- we need to also balance it with seeing the shadow and what is out of integrity.

then at 2:14am the sun trines retrograde uranus in aries, harmoniously aligning the conscious self and ego with the great awakener!  this aspect helps us open up to the evolution and expansion of consciousness that beckons if we are willing to make radical changes in our lives and release the past!  with both bodies in fire signs our spirit, passion and creative energy are enhanced right now.  uranus in aries is inciting us to take action and take a stand in our lives where things have been out of balance for far too long.  both of the sun’s aspects occur in the early morning hours so pay attention to your dreams upon waking for important messages from the unconscious.

at 6:07am mars in virgo trines pluto in capricorn, harmoniously aligning the lower will and Higher Will in potent, transformative ways!  when these two get together fireworks powerful things can happen- and since this is a harmonious aspect we are supported in making it work for us and our evolution.  our energy and will are high right now and if we can channel it with wisdom and foresight we can literally move mountains and deal with things in our lives that need to be regenerated, transformed or purged in some way.  again this aspect occurs in the early morning hours so pay attention to your dreams!  since mars will retrograde in january this aspect will be in effect until for 6 months- make good use of it!
the last celestial occurrence of the day happens at 11:19pm when mercury stations retrograde at 20’07 sagittarius.  we have been in mercury’s shadow since november 4th- but today is the day mercury officially stations and seems to actually stop in the sky before he begins his journey backward (from our perspective on earth).  mercury will go direct at 3 sagittarius on december 13th and will clear his shadow on new year’s eve.  between the eclipse portal we are entering, mercury retrograde, and mars moving through his shadow towards his retrograde in january- the end of this year and the holiday season is definitely going to be one for the books!  mercury retrograde can create all manner of snafus and issues when it comes to technology, communication, travel and thinking- so give yourself room for error and focus more on revising, redoing, reworking and reviewing the past rather than starting something new.  in sagittarius what we may be looking at has to do with our ideals, visions, beliefs, spiritual and philosophical understandings, and our ability to see the Bigger Picture.  mercury’s retrograde will align with the north node so there is definitely something evolutionary happening wherever sagittarius is in our natal charts (check the weekly horoscopes for more info).  for more detailed info check for my mercury retrograde astrology blog that will be posted by the time mercury goes retrograde :)

thursday november 24th-
the day starts off with the sun in sagittarius quincunx retrograde jupiter in taurus, creating tension and a need for adjustment between the conscious self and ego and our desire for growth, expansion, abundance and freedom!  jupiter rules the sun right now so these two have an affinity yet the aspect is tense.  positively we can feel the impetus to grow beyond our preconceived ideas of who we are and notions of what is possible.  there can be an energetic high where we are envisioning the possibilities and the opportunities we are ready to embrace!  on the shadow side we can get excessive, impulsive, ungrounded and have issues with boundaries and restrictions which at times are necessary and healthy in our path of growth and evolution.  there is a need to find balance between the Highs and the lows, ideals and reality right now.

at 2:25pm recently turned retrograde mercury in sagittarius parallels venus in sagittarius- energetically aligning the mind and the heart in the sign of expansion and optimism!  this is a great aspect that helps us generously express and share our thoughts and our feelings with ourselves and others.  since mercury is retrograde we are supported in reflecting and turning within right now as we revisit past relationships, feelings and values and find closure, completion and/or a new way of being and connection with ourselves and others.

then at 3:50pm retrograde uranus in aries semisextiles chiron in pisces, harmoniously aligning the great awakener and rebel with the wounded healer!  this is a powerful aspect that dominates the week and brings opportunities for sudden illumination, healing, awareness and expansion of consciousness in powerful, evolutionary ways!  with uranus in the alpha sign and chiron in the omega sign we find a connection between the future and the past, without and within, masculine and feminine, action and surrender.  of course this is what we are all searching for- a way to balance dark and Light, yin and yang both within ourselves and in the world around us.  this week we have significant opportunities to do the healing work required to find this balance- so don’t miss out!

in the evening hours venus in sagittarius sextiles neptune in aquarius (at 5:52pm) aligning the lower heart with the Higher Heart and bringing a romantic, creative and spiritual energy into the mix this evening.  this is quite lovely for thanksgiving eve- and hopefully will soften the more intense energies of eclipse season and mercury retrograde that are occurring right now ;)  we can feel a sense of compassion, empathy and idealism tonight which is quite lovely.  the tendency to see life through rose colored glasses is high right now- but as long as we come back down to reality sooner rather than later it can be a nice reprieve ;)

the day ends with the solar eclipse in sagittarius occurring at 10:10pm- starting of the eclipse portal that is taking us through this very intense yet transformative holiday season.  this potent and powerful new moon is starting new chapters, even volumes, in our lives wherever sagittarius is in our natal chart.  eclipses are like wormholes that take us very quickly from point A to point B- often with dramatic results!  of course with any new beginning there are endings that precede it- so some aspects of your life may be falling away quite rapidly during the next month all so that you can start 2012 off on a new foot.  whatever is leaving is necessary for what is yet to come.  stay tuned into the Higher purpose and Bigger Picture and find balance between surrender and action and all will be well :)  for more info on this solar eclipse check out the lunar insight i wrote and posted on my website- and check the weekly horoscopes for how this energy will activate your life by sign.

friday november 25th-
the only major aspect today occurs at 8:40pm when mars in virgo parallels retrograde jupiter in taurus- energetically aligning our will and drive with the planet of expansion, growth and optimism!  these two are also in aspect by degree right now.  mars trined jupiter last wednesday (the 16th) and will do so again 2 more times due to his retrograde station in the beginning months of 2012.  mars/jupiter brings us powerful opportunities to take action, initiate things and assert ourselves in our lives and in the world around us.  a can-do attitude combined with the courage to change is a powerful gift of mars/jupiter- and this is with us for 6 months so make use of the positive energies :)

saturday november 26th-
the first celestial occurrence of the day happens at 4:36am when venus moves out of sagittarius and into capricorn- shifting the focus of the goddess from expansion, abundance, optimism and independence to contraction, reality, commitment and responsibility.  as venus transits capricorn we are focused on the bottom line in relationships as well as finances.  we know what needs to be done and we are going to do it no matter what gets in our way!  responsibility and commitment are more important than fun and freedom- just be sure you are not staying in situations/relationships out of obligation.

at 6:27pm venus, newly in capricorn, squares retrograde uranus in aries- creating tension and friction between the goddess of Love and beauty and the great awakener and rebel.  venus square uranus is a wild card energy when it comes to relationships, Love and money situations.  there can be sudden endings, new beginnings, windfalls and losses right now.  whatever you are expecting- expect the opposite to happen.  uranus is radical and he wants to shake us up and wake us up!  so wherever we are stuck in old patterns, old paradigms, or old relationships that have outlived their usefulness and actually hold us back from growth- uranus will come and create radical change often via upsets and turning the apple cart upside down.  since this is the first aspect venus makes while in this sign we can expect the coming 6 weeks of venus’ transit through capricorn to be replete with surprise- some that we welcome and others that we are not so keen on.  either way though- it’s all for our growth!

then at 7:35pm venus in capricorn sextiles chiron in pisces, harmoniously aligning the goddess of Love and beauty with the wounded healer.  according to magi astrology these two aspecting each other are what Soulmate relationships are made of (in synastry, composites and by transit).  Love has a deeply healing quality right now- and experiencing unconditional Love for self and others is easier at this time as well.  it is within our deepest commitments that we can experience the most profound healing and opening within ourselves and with others.  this energy also colors the upcoming venus’ transit- so as uranus creates shake ups, chiron soon follows with the ability to heal and release the past.  karmic clearing in relationships is most definitely up right now- and just in time for us to let go/release the past before 2012 arrives ;)

sunday november 27th-
the only major aspect today and the one that ends the week is venus in capricorn trine to retrograde jupiter in taurus, harmoniously aligning the goddess of Love and beauty with the planet of expansion, abundance and optimism!  these two are termed the greater benefics- meaning that they are beneficial and always come with gifts of some kind by transit and natal placement.  when they team up the gifts are overflowing!  in earth signs those gifts can be material, physical and financial.  grounding, embodiment and abundance are available to us now.  we feel social, generous, graceful and beautiful- a nice combination to end the week on a high note :)

enjoy your transformative week!

~divine harmony

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