Monday March 8th 2021

weekly astrology forecast- 11/12-11/18

***all times are PST***

monday november 12th-
ceres in scorpio squares the nodes at 0’11 (the 1st degree of fixed signs) at 12:16am. this week the nodes moved into new signs and from now until 12/2 uranus is in a fast approaching T square with the nodal axis. this is GAME CHANGING kind of astrology. upsets, accidents, unexpected events- but also change, revolution and profound shift are all possible. with the Great Mother ceres involved (opposite uranus yesterday morning and square the nodes today) we have this frequency playing out in home/family dynamics, with children and parents, and with the environment/Mother Earth (just look at the news and all the fires happening right now). ceres nurtures best through death/rebirth experiences. she nourishes us so that we can transform ourselves. with the north node in leo only for a few more days- this is a call into the HEART. the south node in aquarius at it’s worst is where we are coming from the head, disconnected from the heart, focusing on artificial intelligence devoid of human connection and human feeling, and where we come from group think despite what our hearts are really telling us. change is in the air! wield the power of change wisely!

saturn contraparallels uranus at 3:48pm, creating an energetic opposition between the planet of the past and the planet of the future, the planet of the old and the planet of the new. saturn is in capricorn and uranus although in aries for a few more months will return to taurus early next year. these two bodies are actually in a good trine aspect by degree but by declination they are in opposition. the tension between the old and the new, the way we have always done things and the way we need to do things if we want real change is strong right now. the more we resist change the louder the Universe has to become in order to get our attention! let’s listen up and avoid 2 by 4’s to the head (metaphorically speaking) ;)

mars in aquarius semisextiles retrograde chiron in pisces at 3:55pm, linking the warrior and drive with the Wounded Healer planetoid. taking action from a place of consciousness, care and deep awareness of others is key right now. aquarius and pisces are both transcendent signs that are focused on the Bigger Picture. when we focus on the world as one body, people as one family of humans, sentient beings as all members of the earth- we can take action for the benefit of ALL and not just the benefit of my country, my race, my family or myself. rising Higher while staying embodied when taking action is key.

tuesday november 13th-
at 3:42am the sun in scorpio semisquares saturn in capricorn, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. sun/saturn can help us be masterful, focused and responsible or it could bring up limitations and restrictions that create frustration or depression. the key is to wield power wisely. this is not a time to be controlling but to control your own reactions so that you are able to respond rather than react in situations and in your life.

wednesday november 14th-
at 10:50pm jupiter in sagittarius semisextiles ceres in scorpio, linking the planet of expansion and excess with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. ceres just made tense aspects with chiron and uranus last week and the nodes at the start of this week. the focus is on home/family, children, parents (particularly mothers), Mother Earth and the environment. ceres in scorpio is great for transforming and regenerating- particularly after intense times. tapping into this regenerative feminine energy present is key.

thursday november 15th-
at 1:31am mars at 29 aquarius sextiles retrograde uranus at 29 aries- linking the will and drive with the Rebel and Revolutionary in potent ways! mars/uranus is a great day to take action, embrace change and become the agent of change in your life! mars at 29 aquarius is chomping at the bit to revolutionize something and uranus at 29 aries is ready to take action to make that a reality. just make sure you think before you speak and act and that your focus is on long-term benefit rather than short term reward.

the sun in scorpio quincunxes retrograde eris in aries at 8:34am, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. sun/eris can bring up some big stuff from the shadows- so navigating emotional terrain with consciousness is important. with both bodies in mars-ruled signs having a healthy expression/connection to anger and rage is important. don’t stuff it but don’t react in it either. being willing to see and own the shadow is the path to empowerment right now.

mars moves out of aquarius and into pisces at 2:21pm, shifting the will and drive from air to water, yang to yin, mind to emotion. mars in pisces is creative, romantic, artistic and dreamy. the coming weeks of mars journey through pisces is great for intuition, artistic expression, imagination, mystical experience and more! just watch out for the shadow side of mars in pisces: being in denial, deceptive, avoiding facing reality or turning to additions to numb out.

at 2:36pm mars at 0’00 pisces quincunxes the north node at 0’00 leo- an aspect between mars and the nodes right when they are moving into new signs respectively! mars harmoniously links with the karmic south node- showing that it can be easy to default to old patterns of doing/being right now. with mars in tense aspect to the north node we would do well to see where our old pattern is the very thing keeping us back from the evolution we seek. the leo north node calls us into a healthy sense of self, radiance, self-confidence and healthy solar plexus chakra! the shadow of pisces is when we merge and submerge ourselves in others without knowing the boundaries between us and those around us. leo is about the self and pisces is about the non-self. mars in pisces and the aquarius south node can get transcendent and transpersonal as means to avoid the 3d world and personal reality. seeing where we do this and choosing a new path rather than the default old, easy one is key.

at 5:29pm the mean nodes of the moon backtrack into cancer and capricorn (the true nodes moved into new signs on 11/6) shifting the nodes of destiny and karma (north node/south node) into new signs where they will stay for the next year and a half! the north node is where our evolution and growth is- but it’s not the easy growth. it’s where we are pushed out of the nest and we have to figure out how to fly while falling down. the south node is the path of the past- what is easy, familiar, comfortable but also karmic and keeps us stuck. ultimately the journey is to balance the nodes- to take the goodness of the south node, while letting go of the karmic traps of the south node- and integrate that with the north node growth and evolution. often the Universe has to hit us with a 4 by 4 in order for us to willingly go into the north node direction though ;) with the north node in moon-ruled cancer our path of growth and evolution is tied up with our relationship to our emotions, our feminine and our capacity to surrender, be vulnerable and admit our needs. with the south node in saturn-ruled capricorn our karmic tendencies to shut down emotionally, stone wall, isolate, need to be in control, dominate and come from a patriarchal standpoint that shuts us off from the flow of life need to be faced and addressed. with the karmic south node in capricorn joining saturn and pluto- with both saturn and pluto heading to align with the karmic south node in 2019- we have some HUGE PUSHES to clear karmic patterning we have perhaps been playing out for LIFETIMES. more on this in the weekly and lunar horoscopes- so stay tuned.

friday november 16th-
at 2:51am venus stations direct at 25’14 libra, bringing the Goddess of Love and Beauty to a stand still in the sky. venus’ recent Underworld journey was a deep time of reclaiming her power and facing her shadow and fears. anything around Love, money, values, self-worth and self-Love has beep up for review and reevaluation. venus stations direct in one of the signs she rules- a sign that truly values partnership and collaboration. yet the shadow of venus in libra is when she over focused on being a part of a WE and does not focus enough on ME and what she needs to do for herself. all month long venus is in a long and slow quincunx to chiron (exact twice- 11/3 and 11/28)- bringing old wounds and pain up and into the Light of consciousness to be addressed. wherever we tend to over give, over focus on others and sacrifice ourselves can be magnified BIG TIME. or if we are on the other side of the spectrum- where we over take and over focus on ourselves can be in the spotlight. seeing where we don’t want to see- where we numb out, check out, escape, deny, delude ourselves or others is key right now. healing is possible when we are willing to see our part we play in the dramas of our Love lives and financial situations. when we can see the part we play and then we do the work to change it- the pattern will change.

mercury stations retrograde at 13’29 sagittarius at 5:33pm, bringing the planet of communication and thinking into focus. venus (the heart) stations direct while mercury (the mind) stations retrograde. changes of heart and mind are in process right now! mercury retrograde is a time to rethink, review and revise the past. in sadge- the sign jupiter just moved into- we have an opportunity to go over certain areas of life to see what needs addressing or releasing in preparation for the goodies and growth jupiter in sagittarius wants to bring! mercury stations in square aspect to neptune- which won’t be exact until after mercury goes direct but is in focus due to being in the retrograde station chart. what is Truth? what is a lie? what is fact? what is fantasy? do we want to see the Truth about others, the world around us and more important ourselves and the actions we take in our life? this is a time to take off the rose colored glasses of idealism and illusion and SEE REALITY AS IT IS. the picture may not be pretty but at least it is real and when we can see reality we then become empowered to change reality. retrograde mercury in sadge is in search of Truth. seek inner Truth first and outer Truth will reveal itself in due time!

saturday november 17th-
at 8:35am the sun in scorpio semisextiles venus in libra and at 1:39pm the sun opposes retrograde juno in taurus, bringing focus to relationships of all kinds (marriage, partnership, business, financial and otherwise). getting clear on what is working, what is not and what can be done about what is not working is key right now. shedding Light on relationship is the focus of this weekend!

sunday november 18th-
venus in libra quincunxes retrograde juno in taurus at 5:55am, bringing tension between the two Goddesses that govern partnership and relationships. venus just stationed direct in one month long tense aspect to both chiron and uranus- juno, on the other hand is in harmonious aspect to both of them. juno is helping us to see WHAT IS. the shadow of venus in libra is where we over focus on others and also project onto others because we constantly in a dynamic of relationship with OTHER rather than relationship with self. juno in taurus is deeply rooted and grounded in her Truth- what she wants and needs and what is present in her life and relationships right now. navigating relationship terrain with consciousness is key.

have a blessed week!

~divine harmony

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