Tuesday April 13th 2021

VIRGO- week of 4/22-4/28

with so much activity playing out in your 3rd house of communication and thinking there is a HUGE impulse for you to mature and evolve in your mental and intellectual capacity right now. this process necessitate rethinking/reviewing/revising your beliefs, attitudes and expectations in life- and it can also play out in getting serious about how you communication, speak up and share your Truth with others. the testing that this time has on your mental capacity can be very rewarding in the form of material for you to write, speak and/or teach about- but it requires that you go deep and get clear on what it is you to have to share with others first. with all the taurus planets piling up in your house of Higher Self you have the opportunity to really open your mind and start seeings things from a broader perspective! the mind-expanding qualities of the lunar eclipse thursday of this week are nothing short of amazing, but they may require that you really stretch yourself in ways you have never done before. luckily the sweet grand water trine forming this week and lasting throughout the summer is helping you to open up your communication and thinking processes in ways that get you in touch with your deepest feelings and emotions in healing, cathartic and transformative ways. it’s not all about the head- it’s also about the heart. when you join the two together the battle between the two becomes Union of the Highest order!

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