Wednesday December 1st 2021

VIRGO- week of 4/23-4/29


Over the past six months you’ve been through a process of gaining greater self-awareness in the face of something that you see as a life and death matter or that you’ve felt powerless within. It has pushed your boundaries asking you to let go and open up to deeper levels of trust within yourself and closest intimate and financial relationships. But you are being liberated now and gaining solid perspective on what you can do and where you want to go from here. Confront and acknowledge your fears honestly, but you don’t have to act on them or allow them to control you. You don’t need to fear going deeper within a commitment or letting go of something that you no longer need.  Trust yourself, choose based on what is most important to you. Don’t be afraid to hold yourself and others to high standards. As long as you aren’t being judgmental and remain open minded you can stabilize a situation and make great progress on your journey.

(Written by Priya Kale (, filling in for DH who is with a family member in transition)

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