Saturday June 6th 2020

VIRGO- week of 4/16-4/22


now that your ruling planet mercury AND mars in your sign have both gone direct i bet you are starting to feel some semblance of normalcy and energy return into your life.  from here on out you can expect that to only pick up speed!  at the start of this week mercury moves back into aries and your 8th house, reactivating conversation, communication and thinking around your path of transformation, empowerment, sexuality and shared resources (money, power, debt).  major shifts and changes are happening in this house for you and they will be for a while (uranus/pluto happens through 2015).  yet this week and next are pivotal as mercury is activating the uranus/pluto square and bringing information on what this transit means for you and what is to come.  stay open to radical insights, aha moments and Truth coming to Light by week’s end!  also occurring at the end of the week is a lovely new moon in your 9th house of Higher Self- helping you to start a new chapter in connection to that part of you that gets it and knows the Bigger Plan.  the next month is a great time to seed intentions involving foreign travel, higher education and more importantly your spiritual path and journey into new dimensions of existence.  get clear on what you are manifesting and then go for it!

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