Monday September 28th 2020

VIRGO- week of 2/18-2/24

all week long we build to your ruling planet mercury’s retrograde station- exact on saturday. what is interesting about this retrograde is that it falls in your 7th house- so you have your personal ruling planet going retrograde in your house of relationship/connection to other. the coming weeks of mercury’s journey backwards are prime time to have some amazing aha moments and realizations about yourself and your journey as reflected in the face significant others in your life. people are the perfect mirrors for you- and all interactions, both positive and negative, are really trying to tell you something about you. take time over the coming weeks to rethink, review and revise your connections, attractions, boundaries and relationships. cosmic adjustments in self and other are where it’s at (think of it as going to the chiropractor to get your relationship working more effectively). another important planetary station happening this week involves saturn (exact on monday). with saturn stationing retrograde in your 3rd house of communication (a mercury house) you are being asked to address your world view, how you communicate and how you understand things. opportunities for masterful communication about tough topics abound- but if you feel the restrictive energy of saturn dominating perhaps you need to turn within to get clear before you speak up about matters you have not gotten clarity on yet. this week take time to turn off your mind, turn within and hear your inner voice- what is it trying to say to you?

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