Thursday December 3rd 2020

VIRGO- week of 11/14-11/20


with mars in your sign- yes it most definitely is all about you for the next 8 months! luckily you are not a sign inclined to narcissism or self-indulgence (unless other placements say otherwise) ;) with the warrior in virgo until next july you are focusing all your will, energy and drive on who you are and how you put yourself out into the world. this can be a time of powerful energy and initiative or a time of frustration, anger and conflict- it is up to you how you channel your masculine energy. on monday mars contraparallels neptune starting off your journey with some confusion, illusions and/or delusions around who you are and what your path really is. neptune is not about clarity- it’s about sensitivity and spirituality- but the tense aspect can make things deceiving so hold off on making any bold movements till this passes. luckily by wednesday mars trines lucky and expansive jupiter- an aspect that will be in effect until mid-march- bringing opportunities to step up and embrace your Whole Self and share it with the world! travel, education, and spiritual pursuits are highlighted over the coming 4 1/2 months- so take advantage of what presents itself. your ruler mercury aligns with the north node in your 4th house of home and family, bringing important and significant conversation, communication and/or insights around your foundation, security and connections to the past. right now your evolution involves focusing on your inner life and your home base- it would serve you well to do so as the steps you will be taking down the road are predicated on the foundation you create right here and now.

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