Tuesday April 7th 2020

VIRGO- week of 11/12-11/18

the week kicks off with a potent solar eclipse in scorpio and your 3rd house of communication, which in Truth has been a focus for some time now. now that saturn and the north node are transiting here for the next couple of years you have major lessons and opportunities for deeper mastery around your mind, thinking, words and communication. seeing where you need to transform your thinking and/or evolve how you communicate and share your Truth with the world is key. the entire week builds to a sun/mercury/north node conjunction in this same house, bringing you aha moments, important communications and Truth coming to Light! also a focus this week is chiron’s station direct on wednesday- in your house of relationship. deep healing is going on in your life right now around your identity and how you do relationship. some virgo’s have a very healing relationship in their lives that is helping them let go of deep, imprinted patterns from the past. others have the more intense relationship doing the same thing (shedding Light on old patterns) but perhaps the healing requires letting go of a relationship that really isn’t working. either way- relationships are a focus! speak your Truth with your heart wide open- it will all work out for your Highest good.

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