Thursday February 27th 2020

VIRGO- week of 10/10-10/16


with the full moon in your 8th house of sexuality, shared resources and transformation you can expect variations on these themes to arise this week in full intensity and force. saturn is in your 2nd house of income and self-worth and he is opposite this full moon- bringing financial restrictions, obligations, commitments and responsibilities into focus. there is a need to redress any imbalance when it comes to financial arrangements in relationships (are you giving too much or are you taking too much?), but there is also a need to attend to any issues that crop up in more intimate connections. with black moon lilith on the moon there is a wild feminine energy that is fierce, passionate and intense that wants to be let loose- no matter if you are a man or a woman (we all have both masculine and feminine within us). virgo tends to like to keep things neat, organized and contained- but lilith will have none of that! let her energy in and it will transform you.

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