Sunday July 25th 2021

VIRGO- week of 10/22-10/28


this week the sun moves into your 3rd house to join your ruling planet mercury, saturn and the north node- bringing more Light and focus on how you communicate, think and relate to the people around you. with both saturn and the north node in this house for the next couple of years your mastery and lessons are intimately wrapped up with how you speak your Truth and how you view the world around you. on thursday as the sun aligns with saturn and mercury aligns with the north node you can have some aha moments, important communications and Light bulbs coming on that show you very clearly where your mastery is and what work your Soul is asking of you. pay attention! your ruling planet is heading into his retrograde phase (exact on 11/6- election day!)- so right now it’s time to slow down your mind and get ready to turn backwards and inwards- and dive deep into your psyche. the typical go-go-go energy of virgo needs to be tempered with time for reflection, introspection and retreat. if you don’t consciously make space for this in your life the Universe will make it happen. i recommend doing the former rather than the latter ;)

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