Wednesday December 1st 2021

TAURUS- week of 9/16-9/22

there’s a very significant and rare alignment happening in your 7th house of relationship this week, making this week pivotal in your one-to-one connections with others. your ruling planet venus aligns with karmic saturn and the evolutionary north node, seeding a new relationship cycle in your life that will take decades to complete itself. whatever is going on in your life this week in regards to relationship- past or present- sets a precedent for what it is to come down the road. if you find yourself embroiled in karmic dramas and battles with another- you’d do best to disengage and get on a Higher track, otherwise you will set in motion a long battle that will take time to run its course. if you have someone new in your life this could be ‘the one’ as venus/saturn/north node has a destiny energy to it. either way it’s time to get real, serious and mature in matters pertaining to relationships. get clear on what you want to start as what you start now will go on for a long time! another focus this week is the full moon on thursday, Lighting up your 11th house of friendship and community. anything unaired or unprocessed in social relationships can come up for you address this week. it may just be that you need to get out of the house and socialize more, or there may be something to deal with and if so i recommend you get to it right away! by week’s end as pluto stations direct on friday in your house of HIgher Self all your introspection and reflection of the past 5 months about your beliefs, your reality and Who You Really Are come full circle and it’s time to implement the changes or new realizations into your daily life. by sunday as the sun moves into fellow venus-ruled sign libra the next 30 days are a time to focus on the mundane, the details, get to work, get healthy and efficient! finding balance between work and play is how you will stay sane in the coming solar cycle!

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