Wednesday January 26th 2022

TAURUS- week of 6/15-6/21

tuesday’s new moon Lights up your 2nd house money, values and self-worth (the taurus house!)- the very same house that mercury’s recent retrograde has been passing through. there’s lots stirring for you when it comes to the way you relate to the material world and the values you align your life with right now. mercury has been asking you to rethink, review and revise what safety and security mean to you and how you go after them. addressing financial checks and balances may be part of this process- but on the deepest level this house relates to how you value yourself which then extends out into the world around you and attracts or repels abundance as a result. with the new moon conjunct mars- there’s lots of energy in this lunar cycle to start something new or set something into motion that relates to abundance and material success. yet you have to be willing to work for it and you have to be willing to work WITH people to attain what you desire. this is a give and take kind of relationship- and seeking that sweet spot of balance is key right now. come the weekend the sun tensely aspects saturn in your relationship house which can bring up tense communications or situations around money and partnerships in your life (intimate, business or otherwise). integrity of word and deed is key with saturn involved- and so is mastery and dealing with karmic situations or lessons. on sunday the sun moves into your 3rd house- so the coming month has a big focus on movement, communication, sharing of ideas and socializing with others. with your ruler venus in tense aspect to pluto the same day- you’d do well to let go of power conflicts with others and instead focus on empowering yourself. if you do the latter you can step into a new way of being in the world- whereas if you do the latter you expend so much energy playing out old dynamics that you could miss the boat on that which waits for you on the horizon!

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