Saturday January 16th 2021

TAURUS- week of 5/21-5/27


with the karmic south node in your house of money, values and self-worth this week is a important time for you to reassess your material/financial values and needs and get clear on how old karmic patterns around money and security have limited you or held you back from the evolution and growth you long for.  as the sun and mercury align with the south node this week you can have important insights into your past OR you can find yourself stuck in it and unable to see clearly.  either way the past (this life, previous lives) must be dealt with and released or it will only move forward with you in the form of baggage.  luckily mercury aligns with jupiter in your sign- helping you to find the greater vision you are seeking, if you only look and stay open to inspiration from beyond.  by week’s end as mercury sextiles uranus in your 12th house of the Unconscious, pay attention to your dreams and sudden insights or intuitions that come out of nowhere.  they are trying to tell you something!

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