Wednesday December 1st 2021

TAURUS- week of 4/15-4/21

this week there is a significant shift of energy as three planets move into your sign, including your ruling planet venus on monday. typically with so many planets in your 1st house it would be a great time to get out there, be seen and shine your Light- yet this week and next week saturn will oppose all the taurus planets, bringing you face to face with limitations, restrictions and unresolved karma in your relationships with others. i want to give you a head’s up- the next couple of weeks can be rough. you are being forced to grow up in some areas of life while simultaneously being forced to let go in others. yet saturn is pruning you so that old growth that has now become toxic or stagnant can be cleared out and space can be made for new aspects of yourself and experiences to take root. pay attention to wednesday as the sun and mars align in your 12th house of the Unconscious, as deep rooted subconscious material that thwarts you because you are not aware of it can come into the Light to be seen. on saturday as mars moves into your first house and mercury aligns with uranus you may feel your fires getting hotter by the minute and your anger boiling over. the best use of this energy is to take positive action in your life- but you need to beware that rash, impulsive actions can and will have consequences. you are heading into a powerful eclipse season that has your name all over it- so balance some of that level-headed taurean patience with the new found aries assertiveness and dynamism you are getting in touch with you will make it through the coming eclipse portal unscathed ;)

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