Saturday June 6th 2020

TAURUS- week of 4/16-4/22


all week long you are building to an auspicious new moon in your sign, but until saturday when that new moon is exact we have a dark moon activating your 12th house of the Unconscious in dramatic and perhaps intense ways.  mercury re-enters this house and makes a tense aspect to mars on friday and cojoins uranus for the 3rd time on sunday- bringing radical insights, intense communication and perhaps activation of some repressed anger or rage.  before you can make the most of the positive energy heading your way you have to clean out the closet.  looking into the hidden parts of yourself and facing the pain, fears and shadows is key in transforming Unconscious energy that previous depleted you, or worse came out in distorted fashion.  your ruler venus is now in her shadow phase- approaching her retrograde station mid-may that will carry you all the way into the first week of august.  it would serve you best to use the new moon energies to process and release the past and any karma you have around feminine energy- how you use it or misuse it, as well as old karma around relationships, finances and self-worth.  if you do this deep work in the coming months august will be coming out phase of a brand new you!

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