Tuesday June 15th 2021

TAURUS- week of 12/5-12/11


with a lunar eclipse falling in your 2nd house i would be willing to bet money that your focus right now is on your financial security and physical/mundane reality.  eclipses activate the need for growth and evolution and often bring dramatic events into our lives that help speed things up.  yet a lunar eclipse helps us evolve by bringing us to endings/closure/completion in places we may not have felt ready to let go of/say goodbye to.  this eclipse is conjunct the south node- so the karmic pull towards the past and material needs that are not sustainable are going to be quite powerful.  yet uranus stations direct this week in your 12th house of spirituality- helping you to wake up and evolve your journey in ways that bringing fulfillment and security of another kind.  as a taurus your focus is often on the physical/financial/embodied aspects of life- but uranus in your 12th is asking you to wake up parts of yourself that are more ethereal, intuitive and spiritual.  with uranus in aries you are also being asked to wake up your Divine Masculine so that it can balance your receptive, surrendering Divine Feminine.  you have the power to create your life- you do not need another’s physical/financial/emotional support to make it in the world.  as you find this fierce independence and ability to provide your own security and support your outer connections/relationships/reality will drastically change.  it’s time to shift the paradigm!

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