Saturday December 5th 2020

TAURUS- week of 11/16-11/22

your ruling planet venus aligns with black moon lilith on monday and pluto on friday- bringing some deep, intense energies into the mix this week. BML and pluto are like feminine and masculine versions of each other- and both have a focus on seeing the shadow and going beyond the surface to get to the Truth. with this playing out in your 6th house your daily life, health and well being are in focus. self care and having healthy outlets for anger or aggression are an absolute must this week. on tuesday the sun aligns with mercury in your relationship house, bringing important communications or information into the Light. they both align with the evolutionary north node in your 5th house- reminding you that your relationships (and the intensity that comes with them) are the means by which your growth and evolution is happening big time right now. on wednesday neptune stations direct in your 11th house- making the midweek feel dreamy or perhaps confusing or illusory. if there are confusing matters playing out with friends your community- it’s important that you don’t just gloss things over. with saturn square neptune coming next week (and definitely felt right now)- there’s a layer of reality that needs to be accessed below the confusion and a need to honestly look at what may be purposely trying to deceive you (or you trying to deceive yourself) so as not to see the whole Truth. come the weekend the sun and mercury move into sagittarius and your 8th house of transformation, debt, intimacy, death and rebirth. they will align with saturn next week- bringing a dose of reality to intimate or financial situations. the key is to stay clear in your vision (with rose colored glasses OFF) while still staying aligned with your heart and compassion. be willing to see the Truth about yourself or others- or the world at large. stay open and keep your boundaries strong for best results!

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