Monday September 28th 2020

SCORPIO- week of 1/23-1/29


as a scorpio your ruling planet is pluto, but once upon a time (before pluto was discovered) mars was your ruling planet.  as such- transits by both can have a significant impact on you.  this week mars stations retrograde in your 11th house of community and friendship- marking an inward shift in regards to your social connection and awareness of your vision, hopes and dreams.  mars rules your sense of self and also your connection to the physical body and day to day awareness.  with his retrograde in your friendship house there can be a reassessment process going on over the coming months around your friendship connections.  likely there are some connections that have run their course- and over the coming months it will become even more apparent that it is time to say good bye.  likewise old dreams/visions/hopes that no longer serve you are ready to be let go, too.  think of mars’ retrograde as a purging and realignment process.  you are getting clear on who you are, what you are hear to do, and how much energy you want to put into your connections with others.  endings precede new beginnings- but as the sign of transformation, death and rebirth you are the one who is most tuned into gifts of the letting go process.  your ruler pluto will be making a series of dynamic aspects with uranus over the coming 3 years- so use the next 6 months as a time to clear out the past so you can be ready for the radical changes coming your way by summertime!

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