Tuesday October 26th 2021

SCORPIO- week of 12/24-12/30

a powerful energy unfolding this week and lasting throughout 2013 is the saturn/pluto aspect that is exact for the first time on wednesday. with saturn in your sign and your ruling planet in your house of communication you are being given a major opportunity to grow up, ground down and come into a whole new space of integrity and Truth. on saturday the sun triggers this aspect so pay close attention to what is going on in your life then- whatever it is, it will unfold and not find full completion until the end of 2013. take notes now! also on tap this week is some massive activity between the sun, full moon and the uranus/pluto square- essentially bringing more changes/transformations/endings/breakdowns and breakthroughs to Light! the full moon in your 9th house of Higher Self can shed Light on where your path is taking you but it can also show you very clearly where you hold yourself back from the growth and evolution you seek. if you experience the latter embrace what you see- as it is the only way you have the power to change it.

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