Saturday December 5th 2020

SCORPIO- week of 11/16-11/22

on tuesday the sun/mercury alignment in your sign brings important ideas, visions, information and communication that you want to be sure to pay attention to. with both bodies linking up with the evolutionary node- what arises can be related to hints the Universe is dropping you in regards to your personal path of evolution and growth. new friends or community connections that come into your life should be embraced- as they can open doors for you (spiritually and otherwise) that you may not be able to open for yourself. on wednesday neptune stations direct in your 5th house- which could make for a very creative time midweek but also can bring illusions, confusion and nebulousness to what you most desire. neptune’s station energizes the saturn/neptune square that is exact next week- which is all about reality checks around what you value, what you desire, what you want and what you need. mastery over your own passionate nature is the lesson right now- so that you can make this potent part of your psyche work for you rather than against you. on friday venus in your 12th house squares your ruling planet pluto in your communication house- which can make for some intense communications. steer clear of power/control dynamics and instead use this energy to get super intimate with your own shadow and what you cannot see about yourself. reflections by way of others in your life can be super useful to meditate on (as what we cannot see in ourselves we often will readily see in others). by the weekend the sun and mercury move into sagittarius and your 2nd house of money, values and self-worth- bringing focus to the mundane aspects of your life. next week both bodies will align with serious saturn and square nebulous neptune- bringing lessons about how to be in the world but not of it (and how to indulge in the pleasures of the world but not get overtaken by them). take time this week to get focused on your path of mastery- as we are all being called to step up into Greater parts of ourselves. this doesn’t have to be all or nothing (very typical of your sign) but can be one step at a time.

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