Saturday December 5th 2020

SCORPIO- week of 11/14-11/20


this week with the sun in your sign there is a focus on your identity and how you meet and greet the world around you. midweek the sun semisextiles saturn in your 12th house helping you to ground, anchor and be real when it comes to put yourself out there. as you bridge your inner, more spiritual life with your outer, more public life in authentic ways- your charisma quotient goes up! on friday your ruler pluto parallels the sun in your sign- taking your already intense and passionate nature into deeper waters still. positively you can come up with penetrating insights and deep, profound thoughts- negatively you can find yourself in engaged in power/control dynamics with others especially in the realms of communication. the week ends with the sun square neptune in your 4th house of home and family bringing to light confusion, illusion, delusions and perhaps even outright deception going on in your own home and family environment. with neptune there is a need to see things clearly but because of the nature of neptune there is a lack of clarity, neptune has been in your 4th house since 1998 so there are still some aspects of your home/childhood/past lives/inner psychological life that you are not seeing clearly and that need to be addressed. as you move through the fog and start finding the Truth you will come into a whole new level of your own empowerment you have yet to experience!

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