Thursday July 9th 2020

SCORPIO- week of 11/12-11/18

if there was a week with your name written on it- it would be this week! there is so much activity going on in scorpio i don’t even know where to start. first off there is a solar eclipse in your sign- the first in the scorpio/taurus series now that the nodes are in your sign. solar eclipses are portals for massive evolution and change. this one is aligned with the evolutionary north node- so major opportunities for evolution and moving forward on your Soul’s path are possible! mercury also backs into scorpio early in the week and on saturday he aligns with the sun and the north node to bring massive aha moments, important insights and Light shed on your path into the future. you need to remember that all this evolutionary energy requires a letting go of the safety, security and stuckness of the past and old paradigm energies. anything hold you back or dragging you down- be it a relationship, a job, an attitude, etc…- MUST be let go of. channel your inner phoenix and move through the fire so you can rebirth yourself. there is no other way!

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