Tuesday April 13th 2021

SCORPIO- week of 10/22-10/28


as the sun moves into your sign on monday you commence your birthday month! this is typically a time to shine and have fun, but now that saturn is in your sign (for the next 2 1/2 years) this birth month can be more about getting clear on your path of mastery and growth and pruning the crap out of your life that holds you back from being more. on thursday as the sun aligns with saturn and mercury aligns with the north node in your sign you can have some massive aha moments and insights coming in that shed Light on your true path and help you see pretty clearly where the shadow path is misleading you. saturn in your sign starts a brand new 30 year cycle of growth- so take care with the seeds you plant as you will be reaping them for the next 30 years! luckily the grand water trine this week helps you to get clear on where your joy is and where your Spirit path is and assists you in bridging the two. life without meaning is no life at all! seek for meaning first- and the rest will follow.

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