Tuesday June 15th 2021

SCORPIO- week 5/7-5/13


a major focus of this week is the auspicious and expansive conjunction of the sun and jupiter building up all week and perfecting itself on sunday.  luckily for you this aspect falls in your 7th house of relationship!  opportunities to grow (materially and spiritually) can come through your most important one-to-one connections- romantically, business-wise and more.  it’s almost as if the Universe has materialized an angel in earth form and their sole purpose is to help you move forward in life.  give thanks for this gift- and don’t waste it!  between that and your ruler pluto’s aspect to chiron there is a lot of opportunity for deep healing and  transformation in your life right now.  it’s not really a time to go it alone, it is a time to connect with others and be open to the growth possible when two personalities mix:  like two chemical substances- if anything happens, both are transformed!  (thanks carl jung)

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