Thursday June 20th 2019

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Latest Scorpio Horoscopes

SCORPIO- week of 9/26-10/2

this week's new moon is falls in your 12th house of the unconscious- helping you to initiate or start a new chapter in your journey through the spiritual and unconscious realms of existence. saturn has been in this house since late 2009- teaching you lessons and bringing up old karmas and fears of the unknown read more...

SCORPIO- week of 9/19-9/25

with all the activity in your 12th house of the unconscious going on i am wondering if you are aware of the heightened dream activity going on in your sleep state. we don't always remember our dreams- sometimes because we are not meant to, but at other times it can be because our ego doesn't read more...

SCORPIO- week of 9/12-9/18

with a full moon on monday in your 5th house of romance, creativity and children you can find something comes to Light, to fruition and/or to a head. this lunation is square the nodes- and with the north node in your 2nd house of money and self-worth your path of growth involves valuing yourself and read more...

SCORPIO- week of 9/5-9/11

the past month or so has likely had you doing a lot of rethinking, reviewing, revising when it comes to your career, contributions and standing in the world. mercury makes his way back to virgo, where he was just before his retrograde journey began and he will enter your 11th house of friendship and community read more...

SCORPIO- week of 8/29-9/4

your ruler is involved in a grand earth trine with this potent new moon in virgo, which falls in your 11th house of community, friendships and gifts you are meant to share with the world. a whole new chapter is commencing in regards to who you socialize with and how you put yourself out there read more...