Monday March 8th 2021

SAGITTARIUS- week of 12/21-12/27

with a full moon in emotional, sensitive cancer building all week long- the emotional energies are likely to be HIGH during this holy-day season! this full moon Lights up your 8th house of death, rebirth, fears and shadow- bringing Light to parts of yourself you may not like to look at or admit to. as a fiery sadge you tend to see life as an opportunity and prefer to come at it from a place of positivity! yet this week a full moon in the 8th can confront you with emotional realities that are not all positive- like grief, suffering, pain, anger or rage. being with these emotions without pushing them away or automatically trying to make them positive is important as the healing happens when we fully feel things which then releases them back to Source. with uranus stationing direct the same day we are all challenged to go with the flow and to expect the unexpected (or at the very least allow for the unexpected). with uranus in your 5th house sudden events can open your heart or shut it down- it’s up to you how you work the energy. positively uranus in the 5th can bring new experiences that are fun and freeing! the key is in being willing to let go of tradition and expectation- as stationary uranus on christmas (for those who celebrate) is anything but traditional and expected. luckily a beautiful energy permeates the week in the form of expansive jupiter (your ruling planet!) in your 10 house of career, calling and purpose. opportunities to reach for greatness by staying focused on service, inner and outer work and being present for yourself and others are incoming. with mercury, venus and mars linking up with jupiter all week long- you have the potential to raise your mind, your heart and your will to a Higher Frequency. giving thanks for what you have, giving to others (and i am not just talking material things here) and giving lots of Love to yourself will make this holy-day season the best one yet!

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