Thursday December 3rd 2020

SAGITTARIUS- week of 1/14-1/20

there’s no escaping the 2nd house focus for you right now- money, material reality, your values and self-worth are undergoing some profound revelations! with both venus and juno in this house the material/physical focus is even more-so. yet all that stability and security that capricorn seeks is probably now what venus and juno are getting- considering they are in the midst of radical activation by uranus and pluto. this week they both align with pluto, helping to shine Light on the shadow and/or power/control dynamics that play out in relationships and financial situations. the point of seeing what lies beneath the surface is so that we take personal responsibility for it and then change it. luckily both chiron and saturn harmoniously aspect this duo- helping you to see with greater perspective and heal the past. it’s time to own your physical and material reality. if you don’t like it- change it. you are the only one with the power to do so!

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