Monday September 28th 2020

SAGITTARIUS- week of 11/19-11/25

this week the sun moves into your sign- taking the focus from your hidden depths and shadow (scorpio in the 12th) to a more expansive, optimistic, fun-loving energy. thank god/dess for light hearted sadges! yet the first aspect the sun makes after he ingresses your sign is a square to neptune. too much idealism, fantasy and self-indulgence will get you into trouble. right now you need to balance your unboundedness with some healthy doses of reality and grounding- or you will find yourself paying the piper later. yet all the hidden depths and shadows are not gone yet! venus moves into your 12th house this week to join mercury, saturn and the north node. this is a time of going deep and focusing less on the external and more on the internal. i know it’s the holiday season- but with all the 12th house activity it is prime time for you to detach, retreat and turn within. don’t miss the opportunity to see into yourself more deeply!

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