Friday September 25th 2020

SAGITTARIUS- week of 11/12-11/18

this week’s solar eclipse in scorpio (the first in the scorpio/taurus series) Lights up your 12th house of the Unconscious, bringing to Light all that you cannot see, do not want to see and need to see in order to spiritually evolve and move forward in life. with saturn and the north node in this same house you have opportunities for powerful lessons, karmic clearing and deepening of Self-mastery when it comes to the Unconscious, spiritual realms in your life. the 12th house holds some of our greatest unrealized gifts as well as our deepest fears- and in order to access or release either we need stop focusing on the external and dive down deep. meditation, contemplation, reflection and introspection are where it’s at this week. pay close attention to you dreams as well- as Unconscious material gets relayed through symbolism in dreams. with chiron stationing direct in your 4th house what you are healing has deep connections to childhood and even past lives. think of it like baggage you carry around- it’s time to Lighten up the load, isn’t it?

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