Monday March 8th 2021

SAGITTARIUS- week of 12/15-12/21

this week is of particular importance for people of your sign and i highly recommend you pay attention to what is going on for you this week to get clues about the major lessons and shifts that are set to happen for you internally and externally. first off all the new moon on sunday is in the sign after yours (capricorn), which means the dark moon that precedes it is in your sign. dark moons are times of retreat, renewal, reflection and introspection- and when they are in your sign it’s your annual time of letting go of the past all that hinders you from moving forward and growing in life. taking time at the start of this week to get clear on what aspects of your personality or experience you are ready to release back into the unknown so that you can grow, evolve and call in new experiences is key. it’s also a great time to look at the shadow side of sagittarius- the tendency to do too much, spend too much, expend too much energy without keeping things in the reserves. you are the larger than life sign- and yet we are all humans experiencing this earthly and divine experience and part of that is to deal with limitations and restrictions that come with this 3d reality. on saturday venus triggers the uranus/pluto square- commencing a couple weeks of personal planetary activation of the breakdown/breakthrough duo. with all of this playing out in your 2nd house, there are changes, endings and renewals or transformations happening in your value system and/or your finances. you are being cleared out for some new delight- which will come in with the new moon in capricorn on sunday! the new moon is a time to set you intentions and get very clear on what you are calling in- materially, structurally and foundationally. this is considered a ‘money moon’ so whatever your goals or aspirations are on the financial front- this weekend is the time to write them down and call them in with intention. on the same day as the new moon uranus stations direct, bringing a wild card energy into all that occurs this week. with uranus in your house of romance, passion and children- you want to stay open to the unexpected in these areas of life. there may be endings that precede new beginnings- and if so you’d do well to focus on the Light that is coming in rather than the doors that are closing. and of course in the background of all of this is saturn who is at the very last degree of scorpio- set to move into your sign on 12/23. he will traverse the last degrees of scorpio and first of sadge for the next year- marking the end of one set of lessons and the beginning of the next ones. when saturn is in your sign you enter a profound 2 1/2 year period of personal mastery, pruning and solidification of new foundations upon which you will be growing things in the next 30 year cycle. so pay close attention to whatever is up for you in the next year- as it is something that is closing one chapter and commencing a new one. when you work with this energy and embrace the cycles (endings/new beginnings) in life- you can facilitate your own rebirthing process! but if you resist this- and resist the shadow dancing and acknowledgment of things that are not so fun to look at or deal with- then you be swimming upstream and wasting energy, all the while landing back in this place you have to master and pass before you can move forward and onward. pay attention to your dreams this week- they will guide you better than any in your external life could!

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