Wednesday August 5th 2020

SAGITTARIUS- week of 1/19-1/25

this week’s new moon in your house of communication is in sextile aspect to saturn, who just moved into your sign. so it’s a great week to pay attention to the seeds you are sowing in your life and what mastery and/or responsibilities are being asked of you as a result. on monday the dark moon coincides with a venus/jupiter opposition- which is about indulgence and enjoying life. yet too much of a good thing can turn sour, so make sure you are not overdoing it or thinking you have it all figured out or the Universe may have to remind you otherwise! the new moon on tuesday is a great time to get clear on what new thoughts, ideas or communications you are calling into your life. yet the next day mercury- the planet that rules thoughts, ideas and communications- stations retrograde. so there is a one step forward, two steps backward quality to this new moon- which means in order to move forward you have to address, complete and release your past FIRST. mercury retrograde is a time to rethink, review and revise the past- and in your 3rd house this is all about your thoughts, ideas and how you communicate or share that with others. you may think you know the Truth of things, but mercury retrograde is challenging you to question your thoughts and assumptions so that you can allow for some realizations or aha moments to come in (they cannot come in if you hold fast to what you think you know!). on the same day as the new moon both uranus and pluto engage with the nodes- energizing an aspect configuration that dominates the entire month of january. with uranus on the south node, you have the capacity to break free from some major karmic patterns related to selfishness and self-focus at the expense of others. with pluto square the nodes, you are brought to a pivotal point of choice where you can either keep on playing out the same old karmic patterns (and keep on getting what you have always got) OR you can grow and evolve into new, uncharted territory! pluto in the 2nd is demanding nothing short of a major transformation overhaul of your values and self-worth- which also impact how you deal with your material life and reality. the Love and attention you seek from others must first come from yourself. with the north node in your house of friendship and community, your growth is tied up with your ability to compromise and collaborate with others. it’s a time to think less about number one and more about everyone winning. it’s also a time to act a bit less from passion (which can run you amok if uncontrolled) and more from a detached place of rising above and seeing the Bigger Picture that is revealing itself. this week is a great time to think less of ME and more of WE. you are not an island- you do not have to do it all by yourself. join forces with like-minded Souls and see how your capacity to act and pursue your hopes and dreams doubles, if not triples!

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