Saturday January 19th 2019

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Latest Sagittarius Horoscopes

with the new moon in my solar 10th house i am launching some new things/offerings/changes on my website. i am also trying out doing audio horoscopes this week. i have been having neck pain from being on the computer so much so i am exploring other ways of doing the work that i love! i read more...

as a jupiter-ruled sign- the aspects your ruler makes are super important for you. this week your ruler links with pluto on saturday (for the 2nd of 3 times) and brings profound opportunities for transformation, diving deep, shadow work and integration. with jupiter in your 12th house you are in the last year of a read more...

the week opens up with a powerful mars/saturn conjunction- aligning the two ‘malefic’ planets in your 2nd house of money, values and self worth. mars wants to make things happen- while saturn reigns mars in and demands discipline and self-mastery. this could be great for setting a new plan around money and abundance that is read more...