Wednesday January 26th 2022

Family or Group Dynamics Reading




This reading looks at the natal charts of the individuals involved to see how they interact and relate to each other. This reading includes a look at synastry, composite charts and family patterns that get passed down through the generations and/or group patterns that we attract because of our family history. This reading includes a look at the charts of 3 people- each additional person will involve an added $44.

Length of time: 2 hours

You must provide your birth information below before checking out. Please provide your birthdate (month/day/year), birth time (as specific as possible- if you do not have access to a precise birth time email DH about this), and location (city/state/country).


REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds for work already done and memberships used. If you cancel or reschedule a reading less than 48 business hours before your appointment there is no refund and you will have to pay a fee to reschedule. Any refunds that are given will be minus the PayPal Fees as PayPal no longer refunds processing fees.