Emergency Astrology Reading




This reading was created due to enough request for a consultation right away. DH tends to book 4-6 months out and some people are going through things that require support sooner. Please only book this reading if you need it ASAP. We will get you in within a month or two of purchase (excluding weekends and holidays).

Length of time: 1 hour

You must provide your birth information below before checking out. Please provide your birthdate (month/day/year), birth time (as specific as possible- if you do not have access to a precise birth time email DH about this), and location (city/state/country).

REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds for work already done and memberships used. If you cancel or reschedule a reading less than 48 business hours before your appointment there is no refund and you will have to pay a fee to reschedule. Any refunds that are given will be minus the PayPal Fees as PayPal no longer refunds processing fees.