Thursday February 27th 2020

PISCES- week of 9/12-9/18


the full moon at the start of the week falls in your sign- bringing to light, fruition and/or climax matters pertaining to significant relationships in your life and/or issues with open enemies (the 7th house interestingly rules both!). this full moon is square the nodes so there is evolution potential but also old karmic patterns pulling at you to go backwards. which will you choose? venus moves into your 8th house of sex, debt and shared resources and then gets activated by uranus (3 times) and stationary pluto (who packs an extra punch!). anything that is up for you in the intimacy department or in the financial department (specifically money you share with another or money that you owe) is highlighted BIG TIME. with libra in the 8th house you like to work for balance and peace in your affairs with others (not to mention you are a pisces!), but with uranus and pluto fueling venus there is a need for some change in the way you have done things. boundaries are a must and a balance of give and take is essential. pluto stations direct in your 11th house of friendships, community and humanitarian endeavors- moving you into a prominent place of power in your community and in regards to the gifts you share with the world. be ready for this though- as it does not come without it’s share of difficulties and shadowy figures who aren’t supportive of your success.

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