Monday March 8th 2021

PISCES- week of 8/11-8/17

at the start of the week beautiful, graceful venus moves into your 6th house of work and health, to join an already packed house due to the presence of the sun, mercury, jupiter and black moon lilith. with both benefice (venus and jupiter) in the same house- you have a lot of gifts and opportunities coming your way in regards to the work you do, the service you provide and the mundane aspects of your life. this also bodes well for health, healing and well-being- so be sure to take advantage of it! from Thursday to sunday your ruler neptune dominates the scene. with neptune in your sign in tense aspects to 6th house planets- you can be very idealistic and dreamy about mundane matters. this can serve to inspire you- but it could also be illusory, deceptive or ungrounded, so it’s key that you get clear on what is true and what is not before you put your whole heart and Soul into it. on friday mercury moves into your relationship house- so the coming weeks have a huge focus on your intimate, personal relationships. come sunday as venus and jupiter align- you have a very auspicious alignment bringing in boons, gifts and opportunities. these can play out in health/well-being or in work. whatever it is- it’s really, really positive and you want to make sure you embrace the goodness that is coming into your life! after an intense first half of 2014- i am sure you could use it!

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