Wednesday January 26th 2022

PISCES- week of 7/27-8/2

there’s much going on this week but one of the overarching themes is a trigger by various planets (and the full moon on friday) of your ruling planet neptune and his opposition to juno in your relationship house as well as quincunx to the north node in your house of transformation and intimacy. there are things going on in your life right now and in your relationships that are forcing you to grow. as the only neptune ruled sign AND having transiting neptune in your sign and your 1st house- your greatest piscean gifts as well as deepest shadow tendencies are in focus. gifts of intuition, compassion, idealism and service are awakening in you or deepening at the same time that shadow tendencies of denial, delusion, codependency, enabling, addiction, playing the victim or the martyr are coming up to be faced. seeing others clearly cannot happen until you can see yourself clearly- and neptune is helping you do this by dissolving anything and everything you are not. the thing is- once you do discover who you really are deep down inside (which in Truth is a life long journey and more akin to an onion being peeled layer by layer)- outer things in your life that once fit you may reveal themselves to be no longer valid in your life. this makes me think of the 8 of cups tarot card in the rider waite deck (if you don’t know it please google it and meditate on the image). an individual is leaving behind 8 cups- representing emotions, love, connection- and is stealing off in the night under an eclipse. there’s a mystery in this card that speaks to leaving something behind in search of something deeper- within the self but also in outer experiences and relationships. with mercury in leo busy all week you can have many aha moments about what it is within you that needs to adjust before you can experience the shifts you seek without- so take note! deep work is to be had right now on your self-worth, self-Love and self-value. leo is a sign that knows it is amazing, while pisces is a sign that knows it is is one with everything- the amazing and the not so amazing. this is a very mystical gift to have but sometimes you just need to have a container- and that is why working on boundaries and sense of self is a life long journey for pisces. the full moon on friday Lights up your 12th house of the Unconscious (the pisces house!) and it illuminates that which you need to see about yourself and your need for freedom, space or perhaps your need to move on? the full moon triggers the neptune/juno opposition as well as the neptune/north node quincunx- reminding you that when something changes within you it will have to reflect without. this can reveal situations that have hit their expiry date or it can reveal situations that need to evolve in the same direction and speed as you to keep up (which is up to others involved in those situations as well). with saturn stationing direct on saturday in your house of Higher Self- you are required to listen to the voice within that knows what you need to do, where you need to go and what actions you need to take to get there. spending this week in contemplation should be balanced with taking conscious action for best results.

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