Tuesday June 15th 2021

PISCES- week of 6/15-6/21

that recent mercury retrograde was a doozy- especially for the pisceans among us. with mercury in the root of your chart and in tense aspect to your ruling planet neptune- it may have been a time where you were deeply confused or deeply inspired or BOTH! now that mercury is direct you are able to start piecing together all the information you have been receiving through the enters in the past 6 weeks (since mercury entered his shadow phase) and with the new moon on tuesday in the root of your chart- this week is the time to take action on what you intuited, dreamed about or realized! the new moon is conjunct mars so there’s lots of action-oriented energy tied up with this lunation. because the 4th house is an inner house as well as an external one- there could be new things setting into motion deep in your psyche as well as in more mundane aspects of your life like home, family, roots and foundation. it’s key to work with this mars energy consciously as unconscious mars can erupt into anger, aggression, conflicts and accidents. come the weekend the sun tensely aspects saturn, bringing focus to what is not working in your inner life, home life or your vision. the key in becoming aware of this is so that you can then take conscious action to move things into the right direction. on sunday the sun moves into cancer and your 5th house of creativity, romance and fun- making the coming month a great time to enjoy life and pursue your greatest passions! when your work and your play are the same thing- the blurred boundaries make your entire experience of life deeply fulfilling. pursue only that which your heart is most passionate about in the weeks to come. it will be worth your while- and it will make the world a brighter place for yourself and those around you! :)

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