Tuesday June 15th 2021

PISCES- week of 4/15-4/21

this week features 3 planets shifting into new signs- all of which Light up your 3rd house of communication and thinking. the coming weeks have a focus on your Truth and how you speak it. typically so much 3rd house activity would be great for writing, teaching, speaking and/or traveling- but in the coming two weeks saturn will opposes all these planets bringing up limitations and restrictions in your beliefs and understanding of the world around you. before you speak you’d do best to question why you believe things are a certain way- as deeply ingrained beliefs that you actually don’t agree with today may be running your life! luckily on wednesday venus sweetly aspects your ruling planet neptune, helping you to align your heart with your mind and speak your Truth with compassion and Love. on friday neptune trines ceres in your 5th house of children and romance, which can be a sweet day with beloveds where making sacrifices for those you Love comes easy. by week’s end is when things really heat up! mercury triggers the uranus/pluto square- bringing in more breakdowns and breakthroughs, this time in the form of communication! unresolved issues with friends or with finances can be a focus. don’t ignore what is up as uranus and pluto aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. addressing what is can help you to open up to what can be. leadership and abundance are possible, but you gotta learn it to earn it ;)

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