Sunday September 19th 2021

PISCES- week of 12/24-12/30

as the most sensitive of all the signs you are likely going to be really feeling it this week- as the last week of 2012 goes out with a bang for sure! both the sun AND the full moon activate the uranus/pluto square- bringing to Light major changes/endings/transformations/breakdowns playing out in your social life and financial reality. the full moon on friday falls in your 5th house of romance, creativity and children- either illuminating your joy and abundance OR shining a harsh Light on the areas of lack and breakdown. if the latter happens be with the process, as there is always a reason for everything and perhaps there is a shift that needs to happen that you are not making happen yet. with saturn/pluto also dominating the week you have a powerful opportunity to seed your intentions when it comes to your role in your community as a leader and a transformer. seed with care and consciousness- what you reap, you certainly will sow!

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