Wednesday January 26th 2022

PISCES- week of 11/5-11/11

the entire week builds to the direct station of your ruling planet, who is currently in your sign and your first house of self. you are in a profound period of spiritual growth and Soul transformation- one that is unprecedented and only comes along once in a lifetime, if you are lucky! with neptune slowing to a stop the veil between the worlds grows thing, and your intuition, psychic perception and connection to other worlds is at its most powerful. yet neptune also rules confusion, delusion and denial- so make sure you are not glossing over things/people/situations in your life with a beautiful hue when underneath lies a very different story. on tuesday the ruler of your house of home and family and your house of relationship stations retrograde in your house of career and life purpose. with the angles of your chart so activated major shifts in your life direction/structure of your life can be headed your way. the coming 3 weeks are a time of rethinking/reviewing/revising your life purpose and mission in the world- and then seeing how your home, family and relationship life does or does not support that. the coming weeks are a time of noticia (taking notice) but they are NOT about taking action. wait until december for that.

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