Thursday June 20th 2019

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Latest Pisces Horoscopes

PISCES- week of 9/24-9/30

this week we have a full moon in aries conjunct chiron and square saturn kicking off the week! chiron back into pisces and pluto stations direct makes for a deep week. listen in for more- be sure to listen to both sun sign and rising sign (aka ascendant)

PISCES- week of 9/17-9/23

last of 3 mars/uranus squares and mars/south node conjunctions. major completion of karmic chapter incoming (navigating your endings with consciousness so you don’t carry the karma into the next cycle)

mercury and sun into libra and they both make lots of intense aspects in next 2 weeks. if you are sweeping thing under the carpet expect the boat to be rocked in relationships. if you are too me-focused and cannot compromise or collaborate expect the Universe to course correct you

saturn quincunx the north node- what karmic patterns (or partners as my auto correct just corrected by happenstance) are holding you back from the evolution you seek?

PISCES- week of 9/10-9/16

some big astro this week! venus in front end shadow makes potent aspects that give a preview of what we are going to be dealing with in love and money situations in the coming months. the last jupiter/pluto sextile makes it a great week for doing deep work and for cathartic release! and mars back read more...

PISCES- week of 9/3-9/9

this week's horoscopes covers the venus front end shadow, mercury/venus/mars at 29th degree, saturn stationing direct in grand earth trine with mercury and the new moon in virgo at the end of the week read more...