Tuesday August 20th 2019

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Latest Pisces Horoscopes

PISCES- week of 9/26-10/2

with a new moon in your 8th house of sexuality and shared resources this week you can start a whole new chapter in your most intimate and financial relationships. saturn has been in this house since late 2009- teaching you lessons about boundaries, balance and commitment in these areas of life- and this week's new read more...

PISCES- week of 9/19-9/25

it's an 8th house kind of week! last week venus moved into your 8th house and this week the sun and mercury do as well. saturn has been here for a year now- so there is an intense focus on restructuring, disciplining, defining boundaries and clearing out karmic crap in regards to your intimate relationships read more...

PISCES- week of 9/12-9/18

the full moon at the start of the week falls in your sign- bringing to light, fruition and/or climax matters pertaining to significant relationships in your life and/or issues with open enemies (the 7th house interestingly rules both!). this full moon is square the nodes so there is evolution potential but also old karmic patterns read more...

PISCES- week of 9/5-9/11

so how's the new moon in your opposite sign (and corresponding house of relationship) going for you? do you feel the potential for a new era to dawn in your relationship history? hopefully you do- and hopefully you are ready to embrace it and work for it. this week's astrology brings a series of tests read more...

PISCES- week of 8/29-9/4

the amazing new moon in virgo falls in your 7th house of relationships starting a whole new chapter in your most significant committed partnerships (romantic, business and otherwise). with a grand earth trine involving jupiter and taurus falling in your air houses (3rd and 11th) you have a lot of positive energy funneled into your read more...