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Are you ready to reclaim your Light by embracing your Shadow?

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“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”


Shadow Illumination is the path…

to making the darkness conscious so that we can live more integrated and whole. Shadow illumination is not only some of the deepest work we can do within ourselves but it is the most necessary work on the planet right now!


This course unites Shadow and Light…

by weaving Depth Psychology with Astrology – the dark with the light, the Underworld with the Heavens. This Union of what lies in the depths (the Shadow) and what lies in our Highest Potential (the Light) is the Sacred Dance of Integration!


In this course you will learn:

  1. What is Shadow and what does it mean to illuminate your Shadow?
  2. Why is this necessary work on the planet right now and imperative for human evolution?
  3. How can you see shadow in the astrology chart?
  4. How can you work with the shadow?
  5. How can you weave astrology and shadow illumination together?

In this Course You’ll Receive:

  • 6 weeks of 90 minute instruction focused on different elements of the shadow in your astrology chart
  • 3 live Q&A sessions with sample charts
  • Weekly Shadow Illumination Exercises and Guided Meditations
  • Online Private Facebook page to interact with other students
  • BONUSES: study guide notes, worksheets, definition resource guide

Reviews from Harmony's Students

Being in classes taught by Divine Harmony is a deep, rich, expansive experience. Harmony has years of studying under her belt, and it is so evident in her teachings. Her teaching style is thorough, exact, and surprisingly easy to follow. There is depth and richness of the self to be found within her teachings. Astrology can be overwhelming, but with Harmony at the wheel, we learn how to build a foundation first, and then we move about building upon that solid foundation of knowledge. She is precise, clear, and flowing. Her passion for the stars shows up time and again in the way she lovingly guides us in class. I look so forward to each time she opens up a new course!

Course Schedule

1st week- Introduction to Shadow Illumination: Diving into the Deep End of the Pool

  • What is shadow illumination?
  • Jungian model of the psyche- depth psychologically and in the astrology chart
  • Personal and collective Unconscious
  • The Unconscious and the shadow houses- 4th/8th/12th
  • Projection in the astrology chart
  • Guided meditation to meet your Shadow

2nd week- When the Past is Present

  • The Moon, the Unconscious and Childhood
  • Inner Child and Unconscious Conditioning
  • The South Node and where we stay stuck
  • Parents in the natal chart- ancestral karma
  • Guided meditation with your Inner Child

3rd week- The Malefics- the Dark and the Light

  • Mars- Anger and Reactivity
  • Saturn- Inner Critic and Shame
  • Lilith and Eris- Rage and Sexuality
  • Guided practices with Reactivity and the Inner Critic
  • Practice for rage- Conscious Rant

4th week- The Transpersonal Planets

  • Transpersonal vs Personal
  • The 3 Chalices and embodiment
  • Uranus and the Higher Mind and Emotional Intimacy
  • Neptune and the Higher Heart and Spiritual bypassing
  • Pluto and the Higher Will or Higher Power and right use of power
  • Guided meditation with the 3 Chalices

5th week- Finding Gold in the Dark

  • What is the Golden Shadow?
  • Ways of finding the hidden gold in our chart
  • Chiron- the Wounder or the Wounded?
  • Chiron as the Bridge, Chiron as the Key
  • Guided meditation with Chiron

6th week- Hierosgamos- Sacred Marriage

  • Anima and Animus
  • The archetype of the Self
  • Embodiment – putting the teachings into practice
  • Guided meditation on Inner Marriage
  • Taking this work forward- where to go from here?

Course Details & Sign Up

This 6 week class series meets once a week at 6pm PDT for 90 minutes starting Wednesday January 22nd and runs through February 26th. We will have three 1 hour Q&A’s on three scheduled Saturdays February 1st, February 15th, and February 29th at 12noon PST. All classes can be attended live or watched later via zoom video and/or listened to via zoom audio.

This course includes astrology and shadow illumination teachings, exercises, guided meditations and practical application. You will come away with a deeper understanding of Shadow Illumination, your own shadow as it is seen in the chart and how you can illuminate your shadow for deeper and more authentic awakening.

If you are committed to your own inner work and ready to dive deeper into your Soul- come join us in January!

Course Cost: $444

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“Both Light and shadow are the dance of Love.”