Sunday December 8th 2019

Monthly Astrological Forecast

Monthly Astrological Forecast - Divine HarmonyMonthly Astrological Forecast by Divine Harmony

Divine Harmony’s Monthly Astrological Forecast provides an in-depth look at the astrological transits each month. Learn how your sign will be affected by the coming trends, and what to look out for. Available to Lunar Lover Members and above, the monthly forecast has been available since 2011.

Latest Monthly Astrological Forecasts

12/2- the sun opposes jupiter, pitting the conscious self and ego opposite the planet of expansion, abundance and excess. the sun is in jupiter's sign so these two are in sync more than usual- yet the aspect is a tense one which can tend to exacerbate and overdo the jupiterian/sagittarian energy. be aware that optimism and energy is high right now, but over idealism will get one

11/1- the month of november starts off on an exciting, electric note as venus opposes uranus- pitting the Goddess of Love and beauty against the great awakener, rebel and revolutionary. over the next few days venus will trigger the uranus/pluto square bringing change, liberation, upsets and sudden reversals in relationships and finances! wherever life has gotten stuck or stagnant,

10/2- mars cojoins the north node, aligning the warrior and will with our path of growth and destiny! our energy, will and drive can be high today! learning to temper our power and use it for positive things is important right now. evolution of the masculine (within and without) is the highest expression of this energy.

9/1- mercury opposes neptune, pitting the conscious mind opposite the planet of dissolution and surrender. mercury/neptune can be idealistic, romantic, creative and spiritually open- but it can also take the rational, conscious mind and confuse, delude and deceive it. the fine line between reality and illusion can feel hard to discern. taking time to turn within, meditate and connect with Spirit is recommended.

8/1- the full moon in aquarius occurs today. with the sun in leo opposite the moon in aquarius the polarity between individuality and community, independence and interconnection is highlighted. full moons tend to bring things to Light, fruition, completion or crisis- so whatever was begun at the new moon in cancer on 7/18 involving home, family, roots and connection to

7/2 jupiter cojoins the south node in gemini, aligning the planet of expansion and abundance with the karmic south node. positively we can find opportunities to deal with old karma and truly release it. jupiter rules the north node in sagittarius so there is an energy right now of past and future meeting in the now moment of the present, and any shifts or movements we make

6/1- mercury cojoins retrograde venus in gemini, aligning the mind and the heart in reflective and introspective ways. insight into our deepest feelings, needs and desires and communicating them to those we Love is supported today. 6/3- mercury trines retrograde saturn, helping us to be grounded, serious, focused and practical in our thinking and

5/1- chiron sextiles ceres, harmoniously aligning the wounded healer with the mother goddess.   deep healing, transformation and opportunities for empowerment and change are up right now in family dynamics, with our mothers, with the archetypal Mother, and with our needs for safety, security and nurturing.   with chiron aspecting ceres healing around the

4/3- venus moves out of taurus and into gemini, shifting the Goddess of Love and beauty from earth to air, body to mind, and stability to movement.   venus in gemini needs social connection, change, exploration, and space.   she also needs intellectual stimulation and Lightness of being.   venus will actually have an extended stay in gemini due to her

3/2- Mercury moves into Aries and will trigger the Uranus/Pluto square over the coming couple of months (due to Mercury's retrograde).  Expect dyanmic, intense, and impulsive communication.  Repression of any sort can cause explosions!  Communications that have been put off/procrastinated for way too long can get ugly now.  Right now it's time

2/1- venus in pisces opposes retrograde mars in virgo, pitting the Divine Lovers against each other in dynamic and potent ways.  positively these two in opposition can enhance romance, creativity and sexuality, but because this is a tense aspect it could also be experienced as polarization between the masculine and the feminine (or within and

1/7- it's a big communication day!  mercury at the tail end of sagittarius sextiles saturn in libra and neptune in aquarius, bridging the material with the spiritual, the physical with the ethereal- via conversation, communication and thinking.  speaking one's Truth in realistic AND compassionate ways is possible today.  at the end of the day