Sunday July 25th 2021

Monthly Astrological Forecast

7/1- chiron stations retrograde at 28’51 pisces, making the Wounded Healer the most powerful planet(oid) in the sky. our biggest wounds and pain around rejection, acceptance, self-worth, boundaries, fantasy and overidealism can be up right now. but there is an equal possibility for seeing through new eyes, gaining new insight and awareness regarding the past

JUNE 2017 6/1- venus in aries trines retrograde saturn in sagittarius, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the planet of mastery, grounding and stability. venus/saturn is lovely for getting grounded, practical and realistic in relationships and finances. right now venus is triggering the Grand Fire Trine- as she will be conjunct uranus, trine

5/3 mercury stations direct at 24’15 aries, bringing the winged messengers’ Underworld journey to a completion. when mercury is stationary his snafu energies are stronger so be aware that communication, technology and travel plans can go awry. the key to mercury’s stations is to go with the flow

4/1- mercury in Taurus trines the north node in virgo, bringing important insights, communications and aha moments so pay attention!  Mercury rules the north node and the insights arising can be practical, material oriented (related to work, finances, etc…) and can be great for generating more abundance

3/1- The Sun cojoins Neptune at 11’42 pisces, aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet that dissolves ego boundaries.  This can be lovely astrology for mysticism, spirituality, creativity, compassion and selfless service.  Yet it’s not so great for boundaries, being present, dealing with reality

2/1- venus in pisces trines mean black moon lilith in scorpio, venus in pisces trines mean black moon lilith in scorpio, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the fierce Dark Feminine! venus in pisces is compassionate, altruistic and deeply loving. BML in scorpio is deep, intense, penetrating and powerful. when we can align

1/2- venus moves out of aquarius and into pisces, shifting the Goddess of Love and beauty from air to water, intellect to emotion, detached to attached, mind based to Soul based. venus is exalted in pisces so she is very happy navigating this last mystical sign of the zodiac. venus as the lower heart

12/1- venus in capricorn squares retrograde eris in aries, bringing tension and friction between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the Goddess of discord and chaos. venus/eris can be disruptive but they disrupt in order to reveal underlying dynamics that are toxic, stagnant or stuck. venus in capricorn is stable

11/1- the sun in scorpio trines retrograde neptune in pisces and the south node in pisces, harmoniously linking the conscious self with the Unconscious and our connection to the past. deep diving into interior aspects of self to retrieve lost pieces needed for the whole are supported right now. sun/neptune is dreamy, idealistic, mystical and

10/1- venus in scorpio trines retrograde neptune in pisces, aligning the lower heart with the Higher Heart in beautiful ways! venus/neptune can be great for romance, spirituality, mysticism, compassion and Unconditional Love! with both bodies in water signs the emotional energy is strong and navigating them with consciousness and care is key. it’s a great

9/1- the solar eclipse at 9’21 virgo is exact at 2:03am, initiating a new lunar cycle of eclipses (solar eclipse in virgo followed by lunar eclipse in pisces). eclipses are times of great change and initiations. solar eclipses are often seen as major new beginnings while lunar eclipses bring endings, completions or culminations- yet they always happen in pairs (sometimes in

8/1- venus in leo quincunx retrograde chiron in pisces, creating tension and friction between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the Wounded Healer planetoid. yesterday venus trined uranus and eris so in the last 24 hours we have an activation of the uranus/chiron semisextile. this long term transit is positively amazing for shaking up and waking up, going deeply into and