Wednesday January 26th 2022

Monthly Astrological Forecast

1/7- it's a big communication day!  mercury at the tail end of sagittarius sextiles saturn in libra and neptune in aquarius, bridging the material with the spiritual, the physical with the ethereal- via conversation, communication and thinking.  speaking one's Truth in realistic AND compassionate ways is possible today.  at the end of the day

12/1- venus cojoins pluto in capricorn, aligning the goddess of Love and beauty with the lord of the underworld.  on 11/26 venus squared uranus and today she cojoins pluto- activating the uranus pluto square that is in effect until 2015!  with venus involved the massive change, shifts, evolution, and necessary death of an old order

11/1- mercury at the tail end of scorpio squares retrograde neptune in aquarius creating tension and friction between the conscious mind and intellect and the planet of spirituality and delusion. positively the mind is sensitized and intuition and psychic perception can be high. negatively there can be the tendency to confused thinking, spacing out,

10/2 mars in leo squares retrograde jupiter in taurus creating tension and friction between the will, drive and ego energies and the planet of expansion, abundance, and over-the-top energy. mars in leo is driven to perform, lead and create- but tense aspects from the boundless planet jupiter can lead to excess, self-aggrandizement, and an overly-aggressive stance. channel this energy into

9/2- the sun trines recently turned retrograde jupiter (exact on 8/30) fully activating us into the retrograde cycle of jupiter that will last until christmas day (12/25). the sun always trines jupiter several days after it goes retrograde as well as several days before it stations direct. it is as though the jupiter station does not become fully conscious until the sun contacts it and illuminates it. typical